Robert Fletcher, ChE

Let me help you build a lead follow up program that just works.

I live in Jupiter, Fl and as a busy executive in the event business I have to manage speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, often with six months to one year lead times. When you factor in that leads come from LinkedIn, email, forms and more… yikes. So, I built these lead follow up systems and I can help you build them for your company.

Statistics show that you and your sales team are not following up properly.

And busy executives and small business owners have a hard time even entering their leads into a CRM, or even a spreadsheet. We do that for you too.

I am not great at data entry either. As the CEO I am just too busy.. and it galls me to know I am leaving money on the table when the fix is so simple and cheap at around fifty cents per entry.

Just let our sales automated A.I. and team do it better, cheaper, and faster.


if your salespeople go beyond three contacts they are commendable.

The Problem That We Solve:

Lack of Consistent Follow Up (and consistent data entry for busy people).

We provide an artificial intelligence enhanced marketing automation sequence to take your leads beyond two, to at least five+ touch points (usually a dozen).

Our Tools

We are a blend of people and technology.

Our tech tools include SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Voice AI.

We also clean up dirty data at offshore rates.

Proof of Concept
We guarantee two sales if you give us 200 test leads.