Robert Merrill Fletcher

With HQ in Jupiter, Fl. Lead-Follow-Up.AI fixes a specific problem in Mr. Fletcher’s life… proper lead management at both his personal, executive level, and for his companies which have lead flow in the thousands. Mr. Fletcher is a serial entrepreneur who built Lead-Follow-Up techniques to build a company with 10,000+ clients. Mr. Fletcher lives in South Florida and consults with companies large and small.

Additionally, Mr. Fletcher is an ‘old guy’ in Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO, PPC, and Voice and Conversational A.I. is a blend of people and technology. We are associated with a 4000 seat call center in India and a 1200 seat call center in the Dominican Republic. We clean data. We setup RPA, and we use AI to cut labor costs and improve productivity and increase sales.

LinkedIn Profile:  describes his CRO/SEO/PPC business. describes his business development, event, and Voice AI businesses.

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