Lead Follow Ups Are Relatively Easy to Implement.

lead follow up productivity

Where’s the problem? What’s not getting done? Or what is it we want to improve? 
Here are a few situations we have seen (and experienced ourselves).

The CEO, VPs and salespeople are talking to lots of great people.

Those leads are in their email and LinkedIn and their calendar, but … that method is ‘unstructured’ and very difficult to put an efficient automated follow up into place. 

In this “Executive Use Case” you need basic data entry which is done by simply bcc’ing us on emails and we do the data entry into either your CRM or our CRM.  Typically, the price is about fifty cents per entry depending on tags and phrases, and the number of fields that go with the entry.

I want more contact with my VIP leads and prospects.

For executive contacts, we recommend a monthly or bi-monthly ‘soft follow up’ automation that says something like “How are you doing? I’m just saying hello to keep in touch.  FYI we just ____ accomplished this ____” … not a newsletter.. but included as part of that soft touch follow up.

There is a webform on my website which feeds a CRM,
but there is not any automation built or running, or, that automation is rudimentary, can be improved, and lengthened.

In this case you need a marketing automation setup. We can do that with your CRM or with ours.  We only see about 1 in 20 companies that have drip/nurture marketing automation sequences that go beyond five touchpoints.

I have thousands of LinkedIn contacts (or Twitter, or whatever social media platform) I would like to automate a regular “hello” program with them using filters and keywords to only send pertinent information to the right people inside of LinkedIn because frankly email delivery rates suck.

In this Use Case you need some LinkedIn Automation which I use all day every day.
I am happy to explain this and set it up for you.

I have hundreds of salespeople. I need an enterprise level solution.

No problem. Once the marketing automation is in place, it just runs efficiently with only a small bit of maintenance and management.

We use the phone. Can you make sales calls as part of the follow ups?

Yes. We can schedule outbound calls by either by a human or AI.  We also use SMS as the open rates are fantastic (for now).  We work with a 4000 seat call center in India and a 1200 seat call center in the Dominican Republic.


What aspect of your sales lead management can we help you with?  

We can either do a quick fix, or we can help you build a process that will completely put you into the top 5% in 30 days or less.