Please read this about how we get started as it sets the stage for the rest of the FAQs.  It also tells you how we think.  As you read this, you will get the sense that we have ‘been there done that’ and that there is an OG (Old Guy) behind this business.  Smile.  That’s Robert who also owns 

We prefer not to rush into a relationship. We can move quickly, and we can API/JSON/REST with anyone and any system, but first we want to be sure your leads match our processes and vice versa. 

There are two phases for the Startup – Proof Of Concept.

Startup Phase 1:

You give us 200 leads on a spreadsheet. Give us your oldest, most worthless leads because invariably this is where our ‘learning experiences’ will occur.   We will write the sales copy with you, and we will program it, and we will launch it with a run-time of 10 days. When we feel good that the leads are responsive and the handoffs are seamless we move to Phase 2.

Startup Phase 2:

You give us another 100 leads on a spreadsheet.  We work through them with you over the next 7-10 days.

Startup Conclusion Leads to Final Payment, Quote, and Contract:

We evaluate results and processes.  We provide a quote that will be very close to the prices shown below.

We discuss any and all further integrations that you wish.

The Price for this Proof of Concept is $300 up front and $300 upon your written satisfactory acceptance of the POC and two sales from the list.  (Yes, we offer discounts if we are helping you with multiple locations where we are simply changing the contact info and names).


Q) How do we exchange data?

A) As you saw above, we can start with a shared spreadsheet.  We can provide real-time integrations to almost any CRM system as well.  If you don’t have a CRM, we can provide one, ready to go. (Keap/Infusionsoft which is the granddaddy of all marketing automation).

(After the initial setup. These are extra).

  • Multi-language and multi-country.
  • Calendar integrations
  • Webinar Invitations and Signup

Ready to Start?